Welcome to Soltech Electric

Soltech Electric is backed with over 50 years of combined real estate development/construction experience, and electrical engineer/installation experience. Our installers have been doing residential, large custom residential and light commercial roofing and install work for over 10 years. We are committed to working with homeowners to make an investment that is tailored to their unique needs and we install highly efficient solar systems that will give you the best return. We use our 21 years of electrical experience and better business practices, to bring a highly personal and customized approach to cutting down your electrical bills. We apply a proven method to designing the system with industry leading design and forecasting software, we use the best roofing installation practices and offer the highest quality and highest rated components available on the market.

Why Soltech Electric?

We believe every homeowner should have access to a solar contracting company that presents accurate information about the opportunity of going Solar, so that they can understand the benefits and get an energy saving system at a fair price. We use the highest quality and highest rated products on the market, with the best warranties and the most dependable panels and inverters. We understand what our customers want to get out of Solar, and our customer service is truly what sets us apart. We deliver a highly tailored approach to customer’s energy needs, investment limits, equipment options, roof type and customize panel placement to truly design a system with client’s best interest in mind.

Ground Mounts

Soltech has an in house engineer and a special crew to design and install ground mounts, so we are able to work with various slopes and spaces and also do long conduit runs.  Ground mounts are a great way to keep the array out of site and to not be limited by space!

New Development

We work closely with general contractors and developers to install a system at the time of the residential development.  It is a great way to add value to the home and for the client.

Large Systems for Spec Homes

We take pride in being able to install on any roof type and do large solar systems.  These jobs require picking out specific racking equipment and utilize special procedures.  We specialize in flat and S curve clay tile as well.

Things to Consider Before Installing Your Solar Inverter

The basic purpose of a solar inverter is to convert DC into AC.  To explain the difference, DC (direct current) is the type of current foundoperating in a car battery while AC (alternating current) is the type of current found operating in a residential home connected to the utility grid. Because solar photovoltaic panels only produce […]

New 71 KW PV Solar Panel Installation in San Diego

Soltech Electric is pleased to announce that they will be installing a 71 kW PV system (over 200 PV modules) on the roof of Carrillo and Sons Collision Center, located in San Diego, CA. Although many bids were on the table, no other solar contracting company was able to secure financing for Carrillo and Sons […]


Solar 101

Net Metering 2.0
It is important to understand net metering in order to know how solar truly works. The electricity that you use is accounted for with your electric meter. Net metering simply accounts for the energy that you use, but also tracks the electricity that is being produced by your solar panel system. During sunlight hours, when the system is producing energy, Net Metering 2.0 allows you to send the excess energy, if any, that is being produced, but not used, back to the SDG&E electricity grid in the form of a credit. Why is this important? During a sunny day, any excess power that the solar system produces and isn’t being used, is stored as additional credit on your electric meter. So, after the sun goes down, you can use electricity based off of built up credits. At this point, SDG&E supplies all of the power from the grid, but there is no SDG&E charge until the credit on the meter is used up. If you produce more solar than the electricity you use in the fiscal year, the electricity you use is all based off of built up credits. We take pride in being able to size a system that is a good fit for your energy needs and that offsets your energy consumption with solar energy production, and it does not unnecessarily add to cost of installation by over-sizing the system because of the huge potential for energy bill savings. The right fit is important to achieving your energy saving goals.

The Solar System
The solar panels capture energy from the sun and send DC power to the inverters to convert it to AC power, which is what your home/business runs on. The inverters can track the amount of solar energy produced per day, but also per panel individually. Because the monitoring system tracks individual panel production, with alerts set up, SolTech Electric and the homeowner will be notified if any given panel or inverter is under producing or not producing at all. It is also important to note, that once the system is installed by our professional team, no general maintenance or maintenance ‘checks’ are needed because the monitoring system tracks and records the energy production progress and is viewable on the online application platform.

The Federal Government, as an incentive to generate more green energy throughout the U.S., has just recently extended the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) equal to 30% of the total purchase price of the system. The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) reduces your Federal Income Tax, dollar for dollar, for those who are eligible. The ITC is not a rebate, which would help pay for the system directly at the time of purchase, and it is also not a tax deduction, which only reduces your taxable income, which would be unideal and would only decrease the tax bill by a small amount. Any U.S. taxpayer who purchases their system can receive up to the 30% for all types of purchases including but not limited to cash, loan and line of credit. Consult with your tax professional to ensure you are eligible for the tax credit.

Resale Value
One common concern for homeowners is what happens if they sell their house. Fortunately, the resale value of your home may typically be increased and your home can become more desirable to potential buyers. According to multiple statistical analysis, performed by the state as well as other 3rd party companies, the resale value of your home can actually increase by more than the cost of your system. One of the reasons, offered by experts in the field, is because the extensive amount you are forecast to save on electricity over the life of your system can presumably be converted into value today. If you are interested in learning how much your resale value can increase, we would be happy to consult with you.

Go Green/Lessen Carbon Footprint
By going solar, your solar system truly does make a substantial and positive impact on the environment. By greatly reducing your electric usage from traditional power, you directly reduce the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the atmosphere. Over the life of your system, this can be equivalent to planting multiple acres of trees and the potential to reduce hundreds of thousands of pounds of CO2, as well as, the reduction of NOx (smog), SOx (acid rain) and particulates (asthma).

Sizing the System
Sizing the system is the most crucial part of the design process. Every company will likely recommend a different sized system, and different components, such as the panels or inverters. Our designers size the system using a program created by the State of California and current SDG&E rates, and then we cross check the system with extensive solar software to verify that your current usage correlates to expected production. An ideal system size will produce enough solar energy to offset your electricity use in one year, which we accurately calculate, size and design.


Meet with one of our consultants
An energy specialist will come out to your home at your convenience to talk about going solar, how you can save money and answer any questions that you may have. Based on your electric usage history, we can determine the best sized system and will help you choose the most desirable finance plan. Financing is available for as low as 1.89% interest while a cash purchase can result in an even higher return on investment.

System Design
Our surveyor will do a full assessment of your proposed solar array location, including a shade analysis, azimuth, tilt, sun hours and the number of panels that can fit. We then design your system to optimal specifications. We offer monitoring systems for your array so you can check up on how much electricity you are producing.

Installation and Permits
We obtain all pre-installation permits and approvals from the county/city, HOA, SDG&E, etc. Our designer works very closely with the county/city to reduce turnaround time and once the plans are approved, installation starts shortly after. We set up the final county/city inspection and then SDG&E grants permission to operate. The system will then be live and you are officially a green energy producer! Be sure to ask how many tons of Carbon Dioxide you are on track to reduce over the life of your system or the equivalent to how many trees you would have planted.


  • “They use the best inverters and roof mounting stands but they also allow the owner to feel out the module/inverter products and decide on what they want after their suggestions and pros/cons.  This was very important to me and it was good to hear Soltech and their installers know what they are doing.”
  • “They aren't salesmen like some of the other companies, they run the company so they take pride in their work and the system rather than trying to close a deal for a commission.”
  • “Unlike other companies which had a specific system in mind, Soltech created a handful of different sizes at my request because I have a lot of roof space so I was able to compare an undersized and over sized system and tweak the bids a couple of times to fit my needs for future usage.”
  • “They are a small business that has done their due diligence and I can tell they will be around 10 years from now!  I admire their dedication and believe they have a superior install crew after discussing the project in great detail.  This is a very important factor for me and it should be for you too! They care about their customers and truly want to install a system the owner will be happy with.  I feel good supporting a local small business with all of the pieces together.”