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Solar Panel Installation & Design in Carlsbad, CA

If you are looking for a solar panel design and installation company in Carlsbad, look no further than Soltech Electric. Our solar designers will consider a wide range of variables that will affect your solar panels and come up with an aesthetically pleasing solution for your home or business in Carlsbad. We are more than just a solar panel installation company; we will work with your specific needs and design visions to provide a solar system that will provide you with the most value out of your investment.

Solar Panel Design for Homes in Carlsbad

There are many factors that need to be considered solar panel installation is performed on a Carlsbad home, which is where solar design come into play. Our designers will take into account how much energy you use throughout the year to decide which solar panels will convert enough solar energy into the electricity you need. They will also consider any shade that trees or other homes cause during the day to strategically place your panels so that they have as much solar contact.

Solar Design for Carlsbad Businesses

The process of switching your Carlsbad company’s energy source to solar panels is more complicated than simply installing panels on your roof. Our solar panel design team will take into account your Carlsbad building’s location on Earth and roof angle to calculate the proper placement for you to receive the most out of your solar system. We will also consider shade factors from neighboring buildings and trees to determine the placement of your panels to avoid these areas, as well as your yearly electricity usage to ensure that you will have enough power to keep your business running in Carlsbad.

Carlsbad’s Quality Solar Installation Company

Once Soltech Electric’s design team is finished with your solar system layout, we will begin your solar installation in Carlsbad. Our Carlsbad contractors are expert crafts-people who take pride in their work. They will securely anchor your panels to your roof or property according to the design we drafted. We are committed to working with you to ensure that your investment in solar energy catered to your unique needs — promising to provide the unparalleled customer service along with your solar installation in Carlsbad.

Contact Soltech Electric for Premier Solar Services

The moment your home or business is ready to switch to solar energy, keep the pros at Soltech Electric in mind. Our industry-leading solar services are backed by 21 years of electrical experience and better business practices to bring our clients the most personalized approach to cutting electrical bills. We look to accomplish two things with every job we take: make your investment worthwhile and find the solution that best suits your unique needs. Call our team today to see how we can help your home or business save on energy costs!