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Commercial Solar Panels


Our Commercial Financing Options

Having a solar system installed on your San Diego commercial property can be expensive. In fact, the costs may even hold you back from considering a solar system altogether. If this is the case, we at Soltech Electric want to tell you about PACE financing. With this financing program, you may feel a bit better about the costs of solar in San Diego. It’s possible to reach your dream of installing a solar system on your San Diego property.

High-Quality Commercial Solar Installation

A commercial solar installation is a great investment in your San Diego area business because we strive for 100 percent offset of your electric bills. Commercial solar design begins with an analysis of your San Diego electric bills for the last 12 months, and a site visit. There are different components for different situations and we will work with you to find which are best suited for your needs. After the design is finalized, we begin the solar panel installation atop or aside your San Diego property.

Commercial Solar Panel Removal & Reinstall

There may come a time when you need solar removal from your San Diego property. When that time comes, we at Soltech Electric are your first-choice solar contractor. We can remove your commercial solar system for you, store it where appropriate, and then reinstall it when you are ready. Don’t let your solar system get damaged when they need to be taken off, let the professionals help you keep your solar system in good condition for future use.
After your San Diego solar removal, if you intend to have them reinstalled at a later date, the solar panels will need to be stored in an appropriate location. We will wrap your panels to protect them and usually, if there is space on your San Diego property, we will store them on a corner of your property until you are ready for reinstallation. Every bit of care is taken as we store your San Diego solar system.

Our Commercial Maintenance & Monitoring Services

Once we have installed the solar panels on your San Diego commercial property, we will also begin monitoring the system. As your solar contractor, we at Soltech want to make sure your commercial solar system lasts as long as possible and is maximizing your savings. By monitoring and maintaining your San Diego system, we can ensure that it will function properly for as long as possible. Don’t let the years be unkind to your system, let us help you keep your system in good shape. In addition to our monitoring of your system, we also offer solar panel maintenance. Part of the maintenance for the solar system on your San Diego property is cleaning. It is important to keep your panels clean, both to prevent damage and to allow your panels to take in as much sunlight as possible. Even a small layer of dirt can lower the intake of the system on your San Diego property. Let us handle your maintenance so that we can help you get as much from your system as possible.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I had Soltech Electric install solar on our home back in June last year. We heard about Soltech through a co-worker who knows one of the co-founders/owners. My co-worker had excellent reviews about their experience and their solar system. Specifically, they said Brad (account manager and project manager) was very personable and knowledgeable, so they felt they received a complete picture of how solar works and the bid made sense and was cheaper than their other bids with the best inverter as well. I made sure to set Soltech up to bid the job and told them I would also get a second bid or two just to compare. Soltech Electric is a small company and they don't throw money down the drain on marketing for customer acquisition so referrals are huge for them and they like to spend time with their customers. I made sure to set up a phone call meeting and Brad and he explained all of the different inverter options so it made picking the equipment easy (I went with the best inverter in the market for my house-SolarEdge inverter! (The phone call was over an hour because I had a lot of questions) I was most pleased with the bid itself though, it was easy to understand and they gave great financial analysis for how much I would save. It has almost been a year and it is very accurate (and the projections were even slightly conservative). I would highly recommend having Soltech bid your house or project, they are honest, fair and their install crew was very professional. I would recommend them to another close friend.

Josh I. (Yelp)

If you are reading this trying to determine which company to chose, I recommend going solar with Soltech Electric. My husband and I received one bid that was cheaper but I didn't feel very comfortable with that company so I wasn't worried about saving a small amount of money for what we may be getting. The whole experience start to finish was informative, on time and went smooth. Our house was a pretty straight forward install, but we still had a lot of questions about financing vs. cash and how the whole process worked to get a finished product that would save me money. Their financial analysis for the follow-up meeting made it very easy for me to know how to decide between a cash purchase or the different financing options. We decided to finance it and I am happy I was able to come to that conclusion with accurate information. They were accommodating to my work schedule and set dates to do the work and were spot on for when they showed up and how long it would take. The install crew was very professional and the install went faster than I thought it would.

Tasha B. (Yelp)

For the person who wants to go solar with a dependable company they can work closely with you and give you what you want Soltech should be considered. For me, it has been all over the news that larger National companies are more expensive and typically overall not as good of an option compared to local companies. Soltech is a 'must call' for solar info or to bid your project, it's that simple. I feel compelled to leave this review to let everyone know Soltech did a great job and impressed me on the install portion! I have a carpet and power washing company so being a nitpicky person on details, I know first-hand a job can be done with excellence or fast/sloppy and the end result may not be overly noticeable to the eye, but the details makes a world of difference. For Soltech this means their roofing practices (*compared to other companies that assumed the roof's waterproofing paper was fine and it didn't need any attention and they didn't suggest re-doing the waterproofing paper). I knew better with a 16-year-old roof on my house so with a brand new solar system I assumed it would be good to re-do the waterproof paper in the area of the solar system. Brad with Soltech was the only company to suggest this as their best practice. Brad explained their company belief on the longevity of the system vs. getting a quick install done which resonated with me.
Soltech takes pride in delivering a service that isn't just putting panels on the roof. I couldn't be more pleased to know the roof and system will be saving me money for decades! My hat is off to Soltech for a job well done!

Phillip C. Yelp

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