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Solar Power For Non-Profit Buildings


Go Green With Solar Panel Installation For Your Non-Profit

How else can you continue to help your community with your non-profit? Whether you are going green to save money or to help the environment, Soltech can help install your new solar panels easily and hassle free.

We Help With Financing For Your Non-Profit

Soltech offers solar financing plans for non-profits. We know that providing the best facilities while conserving funds is important to you and your staff, so we can help relieve that burden when you work with us.

A Green Solution For Your Non-Profit

Since the 1950s, the development of utility meters has been inadequate. We provide the most advanced monitoring system for your building. Our system will monitor the actual energy consumption of each unit, so that your tenant can easily bill for solar energy, and it is easier than RUBS. The cost of our system is only a fraction of the utility charges and can be included in the solar solution.

Solar For Structure

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