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Our Off-Grid

Solar Power Systems

• Fully licensed
• 26% federal tax credit approved

Our Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

If you wish you could use the alternative energy of solar panels for something not connected to utility power like an RV or tiny home, Soltech Electric can help. We offer solutions in San Diego for off-grid solar power systems that allow you to use alternative energy even in the most unexpected locations and situations. The batteries, lights, and panels we offer can handle your energy needs in San Diego, without requiring an SDG&E utility grid connection.

San Diego’s Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Getting hooked up with off-grid solar in San Diego is simple when you call Soltech Electric. Our solar system options come in batteries, lights, and panels to provide compact and portable power without a utility hookup. San Diego residents will able to receive energy in order to power small setups solely from the sun. You’ll be able to harvest sunlight directly through the off-grid solar systems, without the need for being connected to utility lines.

Freedom from Solar Power Systems

Perfect for things in San Diego like tiny homes, sheds, and RVs, off-grid solar systems give you the freedom to have power in places that normally wouldn’t or would be restricted. They let you have ease and convenience without the limitations that utility lines do. A blackout will leave everyone in San Diego in the dark except those who use renewable energy from an off-grid solar power system. Sustainable power is ideal for San Diego’s needs.

Reliable Solar Energy in San Diego

Solar power systems are handy for more than just sustainable energy in San Diego. Our off-grid solar options can be used in a variety of situations where traditional power isn’t available. When SDG&E experiences utility blackouts you won’t face the same interruptions as everyone else. This can be hugely beneficial during storms and certain natural disasters. Day or night, and regardless of issues with the power companies, you’ll be able to enjoy solar power in San Diego.

Contact Soltech Electric for Premier Solar Services

The moment your San Diego home or business is ready to switch to solar energy, keep the pros at Soltech Electric in mind. Our industry-leading solar services are backed by 21 years of electrical experience and better business practices to bring our clients the most personalized approach to cutting electrical bills. We look to accomplish two things with every job we take: make your investment worthwhile and find the solution that best suits your unique needs. Call our team today to see how we can help your home or business save on energy costs!