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Solar Maintenance & Monitoring in San Diego, CA

Once we have installed the solar panels on your San Diego commercial property, we will also begin monitoring the system. As your solar contractor, we at Soltech want to make sure your commercial solar system lasts as long as possible and is maximizing your savings. By monitoring and maintaining your San Diego system, we can ensure that it will function properly for as long as possible. Don’t let the years be unkind to your system, let us help you keep your system in good shape.

Inspection as Your San Diego Solar Contractor

We recommend having the solar panels on your San Diego property inspected at least once a year. This will allow us to check for damage and inefficiencies. When we find damage to the system on your San Diego property, we can repair it quickly, keeping it from becoming a more serious problem requiring replacement. These inspections will help our experienced technicians understand the best way to care for your commercial solar system.

Solar Panel Monitoring of Your San Diego Property

From year to year, we will monitor the output of the solar system on your San Diego property. This solar panel monitoring will show us the power output from year to year for your San Diego property and tell us if the power output is dropping. If the output drops significantly, we may recommend that you replace your San Diego system and upgrade to a new one. Trust our technicians to keep track of your system and tell you when you may need to change over to a new system.

Solar Panel Maintenance for Your San Diego Commercial Solar System

In addition to our monitoring of your system, we also offer solar panel maintenance. Part of the maintenance for the solar system on your San Diego property is cleaning. It is important to keep your panels clean, both to prevent damage and to allow your panels to take in as much sunlight as possible. Even a small layer of dirt can lower the intake of the system on your San Diego property. Let us handle your maintenance so that we can help you get as much from your system as possible.

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The moment your home or business is ready to switch to solar energy, keep the pros at Soltech in mind. Our industry-leading solar services are backed by 21 years of electrical experience and better business practices to bring our clients the most personalized approach to cutting electrical bills. We look to accomplish two things with every job we take: make your investment worthwhile and find the solution that best suits your unique needs. Call our team today to see how we can help your home or business save on energy costs!