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Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation in San Diego, CA

There may come a time when you need solar removal from your San Diego property. When that time comes, we at Soltech Electric are your first-choice solar contractor. We can remove your commercial solar system for you, store it where appropriate, and then reinstall it when you are ready. Don’t let your solar system get damaged when they need to be taken off, let the professionals help you keep your solar system in good condition for future use.

Reliable Solar Panel Removal for San Diego

Commercial solar system removal may become necessary for any number of reasons. Maybe you are relocating your San Diego business and you want to take your system with you. Perhaps you are remodeling your current San Diego property. It may even be due to any number of unforeseen disasters that have damaged your San Diego business, forcing repairs to be done. Whatever the reason, we can perform your solar panel removal in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

San Diego Storage for Your Solar Panels

After your San Diego solar removal, if you intend to have them reinstalled at a later date, the solar panels will need to be stored in an appropriate location. We will wrap your panels to protect them and usually, if there is space on your San Diego property, we will store them on a corner of your property until you are ready for reinstallation. Every bit of care is taken as we store your San Diego solar system.

Your Go-To San Diego Solar Contractor for Reinstallation

After you have remodeled or moved your San Diego business, we will be ready to reinstall your system for you. Our expert technicians will use the best and most efficient methods to take your panels out of storage and reinstall them onto your commercial San Diego property. Before you know it, you will be saving energy and money again, helping your property to be more self-sufficient and environmentally friendly for you and your customers.

Contact Soltech Electric for Premier Solar Services

The moment your home or business is ready to switch to solar energy, keep the pros at Soltech in mind. Our industry-leading solar services are backed by 21 years of electrical experience and better business practices to bring our clients the most personalized approach to cutting electrical bills. We look to accomplish two things with every job we take: make your investment worthwhile and find the solution that best suits your unique needs. Call our team today to see how we can help your home or business save on energy costs!