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I talked to the owner of the company and could tell how knowledgeable he was from the start. (And it was cool to work with the owner!) I had questions about module and inverter options because every company has a preference on the equipment that they provide or suggest and he was the only company to break it down unbiased and not try to sell what they use as the "Best option". We discussed warranty on the top 5 solar panel module brands that Soltech uses and it was very transparent and he discussed the difference in price and his recommendation if were his own home. His head installer did a fantastic job and he helped show me the monitoring portal and helped me set it up. What a great install crew and the crew all had 15-20 years of solar experience. Wow! Highly recommend getting a proposal with many different financing options and great pricing.

Elizabeth S. Yelp

If you are reading this trying to determine which company to chose, I recommend going solar with Soltech Electric. My husband and I received one bid that was cheaper but I didn't feel very comfortable with that company so I wasn't worried about saving a small amount of money for what we may be getting. The whole experience start to finish was informative, on time and went smooth. Our house was a pretty straight forward install, but we still had a lot of questions about financing vs. cash and how the whole process worked to get a finished product that would save me money. Their financial analysis for the follow up meeting made it very easy for me to know how to decide between a cash purchase or the different financing options. We decided to finance it and I am happy I was able to come to that conclusion with accurate information. They were accommodating to my work schedule and set dates to do the work and were spot on for when they showed up and how long it would take. The install crew was very professional and the install went faster than I thought it would.

Tasha B. Yelp

Soltech Electric was truly the best solar contractor for our needs and has top customer service. I wanted to ensure that we went with a company that knew what they were doing because of our cut up roof and large variance in energy bills so I did a lot of research on companies that have good reviews and custom approach. Soltech Electric does all sorts of custom spec home installs, ground mounts and light commercial and they do roofing so it was a very detailed approach from the start. I spoke to a handful of the big companies and ended up going with Soltech Electric because they were tied for the best bid price, and I knew the owner gives fair bids to make sure it isn't an over priced proposal. Soltech also used my Green Button Data file, so instead of just one kWh value for the month, they used a file with 34,000 cells of information so the offset and financials were very accurate compared to other proposals. The cost spectrum on solar bids is pretty large so I wanted to go with the best company but at the right price. I worked with the owner of Soltech Electric and he made sure to have my roof inspected to ensure the waterproofing paper was in great condition. Other companies did not offer to evaluate my roof first, they simply presented their bids without asking about my roof conditions. The process was super seamless I am happy I am able to leave a review for a job well done. They do incredible work and it shows in the quality and professionalism from start to finish.

Haley N. Yelp

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