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Posted On: September 20, 2020

Things to Consider Before Installing Your Solar

Things to Consider Before Installing Your Solar Inverter

There are many types of solar inverters that you can install along with your solar panels in San Diego. When the sun hits your San Diego property’s solar panels, the energy stored is direct current, otherwise known as DC; however, most buildings run on alternating current, or AC. A solar inverter simply converts the energy you have gotten from the sun into energy that can be used in your home or business.

Solar Panel String Inverters in San Diego

String inverters for San Diego’s solar panel systems are typically mounted near the fuse box and one or two string inverters can typically run the whole system. String inverters are the most widely used worldwide, and traditionally have been the most popular; however, advances in other technologies are quickly gaining market shares. With a string inverter in San Diego, a string of panels is only as strong as the weakest performer. If a shadow hits one panel, all the panels will operate at that diminished capacity.

Microinverters in San Diego Solar Panels

Micro converters are parallel circuits for San Diego solar panels that work with each individual solar panel to yield more solar electricity. They are especially beneficial when there are shading issues, say from trees or chimneys, or in panels that are facing different directions. In the early days of solar panels, micro converters earned a poor reputation for being unreliable. Technological advancements in recent decades have made them extremely reliable for San Diego solar panels, and nowadays, they even often come with the longest warranties.

Power optimizers, also known as power maximizers, mount behind each solar panel like microinverters. They optimize the energy your San Diego solar panels collect before sending the energy on to the inverter. They have gained popularity rapidly in San Diego in recent years because they result in an overall higher energy yield. An optimizer is essentially a microcomputer that uses power point tracking to make each individual solar panel more efficient. They ensure that each panel is absorbing the most energy possible.

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