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Electrical Monitoring System

Electrical Monitoring System

It is important to know how well your solar system is transferring power to your San Diego property. This is accomplished with electrical monitoring devices. As your San Diego electrician, we at Soltech Electric have the knowledge and skills to successfully install one of these monitoring devices. These home energy monitors help us keep track of your solar system’s output from year to year, and you’ll be able to keep track of the energy efficiency of your San Diego property.

What is a Home Energy Monitor for Your San Diego System?

A home energy monitor is a device that is connected to the solar system on your San Diego property. It will keep track of energy usage and efficiency. Having a monitoring system attached to your San Diego property can also help you know when your solar system may be damaged and in need of attention. With a monitor attached to your system, you will never have to wonder if your solar system is working properly.

Popular Types of Electrical Monitoring

There are two popular systems used to monitor solar energy. The first has monitors located on each individual panel of your San Diego solar system. These then send the information to the monitoring system itself. The other popular type of monitor takes the overall information into one spot on your San Diego property and then sends the information to the monitor software. Either one will help you keep track of the power use on your San Diego property and we can install them as your electrician.

Access Your San Diego Home Energy Monitor from Your Phone

Most monitoring systems will now allow you to access them through the internet or have their own system to send information from your San Diego property to your phone. The manufacturer of your monitoring system will have an app. Through this app, you will be able to see the energy usage and information from your San Diego property. Our expert technicians will be happy to install a monitoring system onto your solar system and help keep you informed about your power.

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