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Electrical Panel Repair

Electrical Panel Repair

Over time, you may need to repair your electrical panel to keep it working properly. At Soltech Electric, we can handle any repairs you may need for your panel. As your San Diego electrician, we have the knowledge and experience to safely and quickly repair any problems you might be having with your panel. Don’t let random electrical problems cause trouble on your San Diego property, give us a call and we will come to help keep your property powered.

Signs You Need Electrical Panel Repair for Your San Diego Property

The electrical panel isn’t a place you often think to check when you are just enjoying your San Diego property. However, there are a few signs to watch out for that might indicate your San Diego panel is having problems. Flickering lights, outages, and plugs that don’t work are all signs that your San Diego property needs electrical panel service. Another thing to be aware of is that a panel that is over 20 years old may begin to have issues and may need to be replaced soon.

San Diego Electrical Panel Service

As with many other systems, it is a good idea to have the panel on your San Diego property tested periodically. If you have a solar system, we can take a look at the panel when we do an annual check on the solar panels on your San Diego property. If you begin to see signs that the panel on your San Diego property is malfunctioning, give us a call and one of our electricians will come to your San Diego property to check on the power flow and ensure that your panel and solar system are working together properly.

Reliable and Effective Electrical Panel Repair

There are so many parts within your San Diego panel that it can be difficult to repair on your own. When you call us to handle repairs on your panel, we will send out one of our experienced and knowledgeable technicians to go through each component and find the problem. Once the problem has been identified, they will handle repairs quickly and return the proper power flow to your property so that you can relax and enjoy it.

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