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Why Solar

Financial Freedom

The system will pay for itself in approximately 4-7 years, after which you will be enjoying practically free electricity for the entire life of the system. Furthermore, a switch to solar allows you to take control of your energy costs because if the system is financed, for example, you make the same monthly payment instead of paying SDG&E rates, that have continually increased, and by as much as 300 percent over the last 14 years. Also, Solar Improves Home Value. Research, from various different studies, has shown that in San Diego, and across the U.S., residential solar systems increase the value of your home. Solar is one of the best home improvements for increasing the value of your home too, so in addition to your monthly savings, it provides a benefit if you go to sell your house in the future.

Keep Your Atmosphere Clean

As well as the greenhouse gases themselves, increased temperatures from greenhouses gases can create ground-level O3 (ozone) which is extremely harmful to breathe, and 95 percent of the living areas in California are already experiencing notable air quality problems, according to the California Air Resources Board. Going solar is the most impactful personal choice you can make to reduce the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the atmosphere. What thrills us is the idea that the more systems we install, the greater the effect we make not only for ourselves but for generations to come. One of our installed systems is predicted to stop the production of 889,257 lbs of CO2, 2,854 lbs of NOx (smog), 2,583 lbs of SOx (acid rain) and 176 lbs of particulates (asthma). In comparison driving 1,446,909 miles in an average car or the equivalent of planting 7.6 acres of trees.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

A common question for homeowners is: “How much does a solar system cost”? Many homeowners don’t actually know how much they can be saving on electricity by going solar. Let us show you. Free of charge we design complete proposal packages that are customized and detailed to show you the payback period for buying the system, and also cash flows to show you your return on investment, so it is clear how much you could be saving. Our goal is to make it easy for homeowners to find out how much a system costs, and how much you can reduce your electricity costs. All we need is to gather some information from you, so we can determine your current electricity usage, and also the availability of useable roof space for panels. Please use the link below, and we will be able to provide a complete customized bid proposal package for you.

What Is Net Metering 2.0?

Net Metering 2.0 is the recently updated version of Net Metering 1.0, a key function to saving money on your electric bill. Net energy metering is a billing mechanism that allows you to send all the excess energy you produce daily during sunlight hours back to the SDG&E energy grid and get “credit” for it. When the sun goes down, you will no longer be producing electricity, which means you will draw power from SDG&E. You will then use SDG&E energy but as a credit from the energy produced during sunlight hours that you sent back to the grid.

How Big Of A System Do I Need?

The simple answer is that it depends; we input many variables about your house such as what panels you want, electric usage, etc. into a program created by the state. Essentially, we determine what the ideal system size will produce in one year and compare these results to your electric usage. Offsetting your total usage is ideal because in general SDG&E is more expensive. We also offer slightly smaller systems that are still extremely cost-effective. One of our biggest admirations is that we take a highly customized approach to designing systems that will meet all your needs.

How Do I Get Started?

The process of going solar is amazingly simple. Give us a call at 858-480-6292, and we will answer any questions you may have and take a look at your energy usage; or, you can click below for pricing. If you like, we will come to you and explain which system we think best pairs with your needs and how much you can save on electricity.

How Much Have SDG&E Rates Increased?

SDG&E’s rate increases are some of the highest in the country. Currently, you pay tier 1 prices as a baseline up to a certain cut off, and then you pay at tier 2 prices. In the last 14 years, the SDG&E rates increase in the range of 300 to 500 percent of what they were. Tier 1 saw about a 300 percent increase and the highest tier, increased about 500 percent.

How Do I Know My System Is Performing Properly

We install systems with an online application that allows you, and us at Soltech Electric Inc., to keep track of your production. You can see this through your computer or smartphone. You can compare production on an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis. If for any reason this system isn’t performing as it should, we will come to inspect your panels and make any necessary repairs.

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