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Posted On: October 5, 2020

New 71 KW PV Solar Panel Installation in San

We will be installing solar panels for Carillo and Sons Collision Center in San Diego. There were many bidders on the project, but we were the only ones who were able to secure financing through Ygrene PACE. This project is a great example of what we can do, a case study, if you will. The solar panels will increase the value of the property, and in reducing energy bills, will make the company more profitable, further exhibiting how the services that we extend to San Diego pay off for years to come.

Why Soltech Is the Company for the San Diego Install

We have shifted our focus towards specializing in commercial solar services in order to help San Diego area companies enjoy the benefits of going solar. We were able to help the client secure an Ygrene PACE loan for the improvement, so our clients can potentially pay no money down and no money out of pocket. They will also receive a new roof and are therefore eligible for the 30 percent Federal Investment Tax Credit, since it is part of their San Diego property’s solar project.

The Finances of the San Diego Project

Carillo and Sons Collision Center in San Diego is a family-owned business that should save thousands on their first monthly bill and has the potential to save up to $2 million over the next 30 years. It also increases the collision center’s debt to income ratio. The loan is equity based, not credit based, it won’t appear on a credit report. That means the client’s assets are increased due to the value of the install, and their monthly bills in San Diego are reduced.

Other Upgrades for Our San Diego Clients

Carillo and Sons in San Diego will also be upgraded to full LED lighting, lessening the strain on the eyes of those within their facility while also coming with a cost savings of about $350 a month. Their San Diego property’s four-meter, four-panel system will be replaced with a custom-made 800-amp single meter service panel. There will be more available circuits and battery storage, and the ability to add more in the future, also, their San Diego business’s electric bill will be smaller in the first month with no money down.

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